Ceramics + Writing, Earthly voids & Spiritual quest

Blue Tara’s Violet Flames

The burning beacon of our blue mother star.
Her secret mantra like smoke rises in our wounded hearts; to cleanse all contempt and fears away.
She pulls us out of the deep sea’s sorrow and brings us back to shore.
She is the brazen warrior of radical acceptance towards transformative joyous love.
Her blue- violet blaze, is our guide and protector, for our spiritual arrival home.

These are photos of the progess and the finished shrine. This art piece was a real joy to make, and I’m inspired to do a Tara series now. It keeps me connected to what I would want to be one day. For we all can be like Tara/Bodhisattvas if our hearts are open to first self-compassion and then compassion for others that seek the path of self-surrender. Being comfortable in falling apart, to be held, and mended back into something beautiful.



Ceramics ~ And other things I make

Steampunk Ceramic Owl Bell πŸ””πŸ¦‰πŸ””

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Earthly voids & Spiritual quest

Enshrine Skin

The flutter of flags in the wind,
To sanctify her solitude of grievance.
She wants to be worthy of this utterance.
She has ripened in this season…
Spent with eyes closed and casted to the ground.

Golden bands to open the mind’s eye.
Mummified in golden chants,
To caress the awakening of skin.

The ritual has begun.
Mala crowns her blossoming mind.
Unearthed, in the sacred,
To become a living shrine.

Poem and Art by: Naomi Ruth W.

Jay Poem 2.

Jason’s Rock – A View from Black Mountain Tops

We drift into the oblivion,
We forget our own names.
We trace black circles,
Around our birth stains.
We use ladders to reach above Mountain tops, to feel some       Type of greatness-
We deny the torturous Reminder,we will be without       The other.
We trace black circles,
Around our birth stains;
To find each other in the next life.

Art and Poem by: Naomi Ruth Saharski  W.                                         Muse: J.B.W.