Art Illustration + Poems

Eleanor Airway

Blue calcite the night, soothe over the weary mind.
Sensing the illumination in my center core, like the singularity of the stars in this starry-painted sky.
As the summer days are approaching, will I miss you now?

The landscapes are grids,
borders to protect the invasive neediness.
At the edges of my gallant horses,
Like my own towering crib.
But the clouds have shifted and can carry
my jejune voice afar;
To kiss your waving aura.

My unpitched heart caught in a fable.
Dance around the feather totem.
Climb the crystal bamboo tower;
To turn the night light on.
Since the golden goddess went to shine on infallible faces.

Living in dreamscapes, wondering if you’ll return to me.
Perhaps as a heat death?

Art and Poem: NaRa

Echo Muses 10.

Pinched Love


Hooked to one another;
Waited for a swooning dream.
Wrinkles took the place of sparkling ecstasies;
Bruised in moods…
Capricious needs.
Only he can ever love you with truth.
Only she can dream up the blues.
Waste away in cloud chance.
Wanting to skip forward to number ten.

Poem and Art: Naomi Ruth Waldschmidt