Mine Na Poem 9.

Maiden dreams of Queen Mary

I dream of Mary sitting out in the California blue.                                 Oh, how mighty in her rest.                 Bellows no more, just floats like a haunted tomb.

To sink our feet in her waters.           To lie in her beds,                                  Be restored to honeymoon.

Mary, a monument of memories, a time capsule of the reverb lives she once carried.

A quest that she could only render  for this girl’s heart.

Mine Na Poem 7.

Crescent Moon Amongst the Cherry Blossoms

Yerba in cup.                                           Clarity of mind.                                     Emerald light glowing,                        In the morning kitchen.                    Like a Rom delight in the night,       Planning the crescent moon;             Constant as river, over rock.            What daydreams brought.                 Cherry blossom breeze                   For a star-bent solar eye.

Poem and Drawing: Naomi Ruth S.