Collaborative poems, Earthly voids & Spiritual quest

Solar Cradle Soul

ย Collaboration withย Havoc and Consequence

Our burning photospheres
Once sprung forth to their highest peaks
The Sequoioideae of space, marvelling at our lofty heights
Yet a ruin grows in our binary bark
Threatening such chaos and calamity
Inevitably to be pulled into a great nebulous stir
Overcome by the tug of war
Of fighting zodiacs and the duplicity of time
The catastrophic collapse swell into the blossomed nova waves
An ethereal outreach on godโ€™s fingertips

As our space sediments
Brought by stellar winds
Found their way to this cooling valley
Where we rose to life
Spread about on vast lush pastures of complacency
Fertile like the Nileโ€™s riverbed
That stream of thought
Wavering on the edge of existence
Counting the memories as they floated by like clouds
And we began to bottle up and measure time
But our greatest fiction yet was to
Forget our stardust aril souls

But now we feel the metals in our blood
The fetter of cosmonaut coins that rattle in our brain
And that endless acceleration of gravity
The only feeling we allow ourselves
Our whirling fire
The core essence to recall
Orbiting a repose and the quietening of quantum regret
Our sunspots
Imprints as a marriage had once been
A snapshot
Capturing our ultraviolet ascent

Now we wait to be lifted up
Coddled once more in that stellar nursery
Suckling the teat of Shiva
Covered in the interstellar yoke of change

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Death, love

In emerald fields the poppies grow

In emerald fields the poppies grow.

By the well in her arms she’ll know you
And love you in this brief armistice.
Arched in their hearts.

Until she’ll hold you down
And let you go.
Your last wish, you spoke.

In the watery channels below,
Furled cocoon existence.
How mournfully slow.

In emerald fields the poppies grow.



Jay POE, Jay Poem 16.

The Ensemble Summer