Echo Muses, love

Love Formations

The enormity of love, sliding down
in your slot canyon
I’m isolated by your beauty,
consumed in the dreams of youth
Abandoning centuries
for this kind of love

I feel apart of it esculating
and you want me paramount
But I feel my ancient hurts spinning in the wind
Cocooning me with prickles of whispers,
and whimpering lies that are winding my clay heart brittle



A wind blew in a friend

Immersion in bath
Radio in rain
Take comfort,
I’m a collector of sullen days
I frame the opalescent haze from your mind
Come in with sultry eyes
You won’t be needing those Percocets
You’ll laugh until you can’t stand it
You’ll create without feeling loneliness
Together, reassemble all those potential fragments
You know we can make this happen
All you need to do is take this poem and folded into a growing habit
Come on take my hand
Its okay to be afraid
You won’t sink into quicksand
You’ll be okay my friend
With all these honest dealings
A chance at trying