Earthly voids & Spiritual quest

December’s Bridge

Am I a lie in this etched parallel?
They say what is most disliked,
Remains most true
Are words just a crease of what define’s my reality?

Wrap a hamsa around my eyes
Push the shutter
Stare into that ray of light
Behold the trident
Draw the salt lines
Round and round this dance is for the prong of my shadow

In the separation
In the alcoves, held out way too long
For both sides, a bridge is the reciprocated middle way
Share within the light, share within the darkness
I won’t be disillusioned
My soul already encompasses both

Art: Rikke Ryge

“In freedom, the thoughts of people were consumed with hate, and when living in hatred their thoughts were consumed with freedom.”

Earthly voids & Spiritual quest

Petals to Puddles

Rose of sharon,
Time and time again;
You held the morning dew.
Every single drop beaded down your throat.
Until you’re shaken into a rush of need. Displayed amongst the ear of a girl of sixteen.
Your silken skin withers away.
Gazing at your shrivelled petals to obtain,
We were roses of sharon,
Trimmed away.
Fallen in puddles.