Earthly voids & Spiritual quest

Petals to Puddles

Rose of sharon,
Time and time again;
You held the morning dew.
Every single drop beaded down your throat.
Until you’re shaken into a rush of need. Displayed amongst the ear of a girl of sixteen.
Your silken skin withers away.
Gazing at your shrivelled petals to obtain,
We were roses of sharon,
Trimmed away.
Fallen in puddles.

Earthly voids & Spiritual quest

Enshrine Skin

The flutter of flags in the wind,
To sanctify her solitude of grievance.
She wants to be worthy of this utterance.
She has ripened in this season…
Spent with eyes closed and casted to the ground.

Golden bands to open the mind’s eye.
Mummified in golden chants,
To caress the awakening of skin.

The ritual has begun.
Mala crowns her blossoming mind.
Unearthed, in the sacred,
To become a living shrine.

Poem and Art by: Naomi Ruth W.