Jay Poem 4.

Amethyst August

She dreamt of an August night,   red and blue run across his chest.
binding his heart to bleed amethyst.

Once, he lied in her lap, sank in the fragrance of sunflowers.                 He stretched out upon her, like he was lying on the cool meadow ground of Colorado.

His hand danced in hers,               her slender fingers                          bended and bounded, in his mind.

She never got to kiss him on a starlit August night.                         For the stars, scattered…       forever a mess.

He always remains, in the age of twenty-four, and she is no longer the child.

Poem and Art by: Naomi Ruth Saharski W.

Jay Poem 2.

Jason’s Rock – A View from Black Mountain Tops

We drift into the oblivion,
We forget our own names.
We trace black circles,
Around our birth stains.
We use ladders to reach above Mountain tops, to feel some       Type of greatness-
We deny the torturous Reminder,we will be without       The other.
We trace black circles,
Around our birth stains;
To find each other in the next life.

Art and Poem by: Naomi Ruth Saharski  W.                                         Muse: J.B.W.