Ceramics + Writing, Earthly voids & Spiritual quest

The Releasing and Rescripting Station to Sink a Stone


Smokey Quartz and Sodalities,
nestles around the eyes of my heart.
They set up base in this vertigo vessel.
Building an inner peace,
for the quakes of my solar plexus.
Ventilate, the darkest clinging fragments — lies of soot
and take root to truths.

My immersion, in calming undulations
of crystal ship and parting blues.
Pouring out, my black blocks of code.
Creating a new composition,
on a petrichor cellular wall of streams…I’m alive, I’m alive,
I’m alive…

Echo Muses 3.

A golden lotus for a golden pavilion

He told her to repeat it.

I memorize it for her.
Keepsake on a golden pavilion box.

   Pink peaks will rise again,
To tame the wildlings of the heart.
In ashen — passion;

We can still exist.

In memory of my fave poet: Sylvia Plath

Poem and Art by: Naomi Ruth S.W.