The Voyeur Poem 4.

The Heaving Heron

He said, “wait now.”
He flew over me, a robbing heron,
The sticky feeling.
He said,”wait now, it will begin to lessen. ”
He asked, if I had the eyes to decipher his message.
Like a biologist scanning for gemma individuals; amongst the anxious crowd.
Wait now, it will begin to lessen.
The copulation grimace…the grubbler inside of me.
I fall facedown in ripples.
I feed the fishes.
I babble to the azurite moon…and wrestle with beta and gamma.
I wash his feathers, to nestle in bereavement.
I’ve been jilted,
I’m Miss Havisham.
He told me to wait now,
In the hedged maze for tomorrow.
He told me it will lessen.
Photos:  Pinterest edited and blended (me)