Mine Na Poem 9.

Maiden dreams of Queen Mary

I dream of Mary sitting out in the California blue.                                 Oh, how mighty in her rest.                 Bellows no more, just floats like a haunted tomb.

To sink our feet in her waters.           To lie in her beds,                                  Be restored to honeymoon.

Mary, a monument of memories, a time capsule of the reverb lives she once carried.

A quest that she could only render  for this girl’s heart.

Mine Na 4.

Recover the Spring

Take away the root of bitterness. Runaway from this Halloween town, where my false self resides and my child mind in code.

Always, clinging to ideals, be devoured in the fire.                          Did I sacrifice myself for another’s paradigm?                                               Like a bulimic’s excessive doodles— I’m perished in this fickleness.

I want to run on higher ground and walk among beautiful people.   And to have my heart slide down that cylinder rose.                                      In the fields of lavender, where I make conversations with Joan of Arc.

Poem: Naomi Ruth S.W.                       Photo: Pinterest